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Feeling alone in your walk with Christ

Feeling Alone

Something that rarely gets talked about in Christianity, is loneliness. To be specific, feeling alone on your journey with Christ. We encourage people to build a relationship with God. We always speak on the importance of walking with Christ, but we often neglect the potential effects of taking that action. Please, don't get my wrong: Making the decision to follow Christ is the best decision you will ever make in your life, but there may come a time where you feel alone on that journey. 

 I believe that there are two aspects to this topic. Firstly, there is the new believer who doesn't have any prior experience with God. Perhaps, you are the first one in your family or friend group to follow Christ, and you feel like you're on a unique journey that nobody can relate to. Secondly, there is the believer who comes from a church background. Your family may attend church and have a relationship with God, but they may lack passion. While you're striving to strengthen your relationship with God, you're surrounded by individuals who are lukewarm. Consequently, you feel lonely too.


If this is something you feel connected to, keep reading. We're going to discuss some tips that will help you on your journey. 


1. Pray and know that God is with you 

It’s important to turn to God when you’re feeling alone and disconnected. It’s easy to feel like nobody can truly empathize with your struggles, but that’s not the case. Jesus himself walked the same earth we do and experienced life as a believer. God is always there for you and won’t hesitate to sit with you and listen. In fact, the Bible says that the Holy Spirit is our intercessor and Jesus referred to him as the Comforter. You can trust that God will help you work through your emotions if you seek him out.

2. Build your community

Develop your own community by connecting with others. Having a supportive community can be a wonderful thing. Being surrounded by people who share your beliefs can completely transform your mood. It's such a great feeling to be around individuals who are on a similar path as yours. The best part is that everyone has their own unique experiences, so you can gain valuable insights from listening to other perspectives. To build your own community, you need to step out of your comfort zone and start connecting with new people. You can join a bible study group, participate in church ministries, or even connect with others on social media. There are endless opportunities to form meaningful connections with others.

3.Keep loving your family in and friends

 Don’t forget to keep loving on your friends and family. Even if you may not always see eye to eye on certain things, it’s important to continue showing them love and care. While it’s necessary to steer clear of negative influences, that doesn’t mean you should cut off those who are connected to them. You can always show love to others. Who knows, maybe your compassion will inspire them on their journey with Christ. [Disclaimer: This does not apply to toxic/dangerous people] 

4. Have Fun

As a follower of Christ, it's important to remember that having fun doesn't go against God's will. In fact, Jesus himself said in John 10:10 that he came so that we could enjoy life to the fullest. It's possible to have a good time while still staying true to our morals and beliefs. Sometimes, we can get so caught up in striving to be the "perfect" Christian that we forget to actually experience life. If you're feeling lonely or disconnected from society, it may be time to step out of your comfort zone and engage with others. Remember, knowing scripture is important, but it's equally important to put that wisdom into action by participating in the world around us.

I hope you’ve found peace while reading this. Ask God what you should take from the information, and how you could apply it to your life. I will be praying for you!

And remember, despite how you feel, you’re never alone. 

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