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What is Talitha Cumi - "Little Girl Arise" -Mark 5:41 Sweatshirt and T-shirt by Crown of Favor

Talitha Cumi "Little Girl Arise"



In Mark 5:41, we encounter a man named Jairus, who served as an official in the local synagogue. His daughter had fallen seriously ill, to the brink of death. With word of Jesus' miraculous healing abilities reaching his ears, Jairus held onto the belief that Jesus could save his precious daughter. Together with Jesus, Jairus, and a couple of disciples, they embarked on a journey to Jairus's home, but along the way, various events unfolded, including a large crowd and an encounter with a woman suffering from an issue of blood.

During this trying journey, they received the devastating news that Jairus's daughter had passed away. However, Jesus offered Jairus unwavering reassurance, urging him to maintain his faith and belief. Upon arriving at Jairus's home they were met with mournful gatherings, already making preparations for the young girl's funeral. In defiance of conventional wisdom, Jesus boldly declared to the grieving assembly that the little girl was not deceased but merely sleep. Of course, everyone laughed and didn't believe. Jesus, instructed everyone to leave, except the girls' parents, and the disciples that accompanied Him.

 He then entered her room. He tenderly grasped her hand and uttered the words, "Talitha Cumi," meaning, "Little girl, I say to you, arise." Astonishingly, she obeyed His command, and she was restored to life!

This narrative holds deep resonance for many of us. It resonates with our feelings of brokenness and despair, where we perceive ourselves as irreparably damaged. Yet, it speaks to the healing power inherent in the name of Jesus. Our Sovereign King meets us exactly where we are, lavishing us with His love and revitalizing our lives.

Our "Talitha Cumi - Little Girl, Arise" sweatshirt and T-shirt have served as a profound source of inspiration for countless women, including myself. It has been a privilege to hear the stories of women who have experienced profound transformation through the power of Jesus.


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